About Wells4Uganda

Steven Dutch, Wells4Uganda Inc.
Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Left to right: Steven Dutch, Shawn Dutch and Pastor Roen Kamoga.

Over the Christmas holidays of 2010-2011, Shawn spent three weeks at an orphanage near Kampala, and met Pastor Roen, who was a minister there. She kept in touch with friends from her Uganda venture after coming home.

Pastor Roen launched a ministry, Friends of Destiny, to provide charitable services. During one of his visits to a rural village, he was asked by villagers if he could somehow help them get better drinking water. He started efforts to build water sources for remote villages. Shawn and he discussed the project and she began seeking funds to help. Steven is a retired geoscience professor at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay and is acutely aware of the great need for safe, clean water in the Third World.

In September, 2019, Shawn and Steven visited Pastor Roen in Uganda and traveled to some of the sites where he and the villagers had built water sources. The word "well" conjures up images of a drilled hole with a pump, but drilled wells typically have a short life in underdeveloped countries. What this project builds are perhaps better described as "improved springs." They are water sources already in use, but badly contaminated by sediment, parasites, and animal wastes. Improvement typically consists of emplacing pipes into the spring so the water comes out clean, building clean enclosures, and often constructing stairs for easier and safer access.

To assist fund-raising, Shawn and Steven founded Wells4Uganda in 2020. It is incorporated under the State of Wisconsin. Tax exempt status as a 501c(3) organization was applied for in May, 2020, and granted in September 2020.

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Created 13 November 2020, Last Update 30 October 2020